Twelve Advantages of Metal Roofing





  1. Increased value: residential metal roofing will increase the value of your home substantially. Over the years your home will maintain this value due to the much longer useful life of the roof.
  2. Longer Warranties: metal roofing normally comes with a minimum warranty of 50 years; often lifetime warranties are given–check your manufacturer’s warranty brochure for the exact details.
  3. Energy Savings: a metal roofing installation can save you over 40% on your energy costs. This is a result of the roof reflecting the rays from the sun–unlike asphalt and fiberglass shingles which absorb heat and are much less energy efficient. In fact, many metal roofs qualify for the government’s energy star program due to the efficiency of the reflective coatings on the metal panels.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: by saving energy you will be lessening the use of fossil fuels required for heating and cooling, which, in turn, will lower environmental air pollution. In addition, the building components involved in a metal roof are often recyclable making the metal roof even more ecologically friendly.
  5. Longevity: metal roofs have a lifespan 3-5 times longer than most other roofing materials. This means that there will be less trash to dump into limited landfills over the lifetime of your metal roof.
  6. Low Maintenance: generally speaking, maintaining a metal roof is not difficult–unlike asphalt shingle roofs which are easily damaged and tend to deteriorate at an accelerated rate.
  7. Durability: metal roofs are corrosion resistant. The ability to inhibit corrosion, plus the fact that the roof will not crack or peel with exposure to the sun, greatly extends the useful life span of the metal roof.
  8. Fire Resistant: metal roofs have a very high melting point which prevents them from catching fire or burning.
  9. Lightweight: metal roofing material is every lightweight and is able to be installed over your current roof saving both time and money. Less labor is needed for the roofing contractor to remove the old roof and less trash will be taken to the landfill.
  10. Wind and Hail Resistant: metal roofing systems are less susceptible to high wind damage due to the use of wind clips and storm anchors to secure the individual panels. In addition, the panels are able to withstand hailstorms better than asphalt and cedar shingle roofing materials.
  11. Aesthetics: metal roofing is generally considered more aesthetically pleasing than alternative roofing materials, plus, metal holds its actual color much longer than other roofing choices. The color charts above will help you decide which roof colors you may want to use. Metal roof colors include both standard colors and custom colors, depending on your preference. Popular choices today include: charcoal gray, colonial red, Hartford green, moss green, Tahoe blue and weathered copper. Even if you have an unusual metal roof color in mind, it is usually possible to find a good color match.
  12. Versatility: metal roofing material comes in a variety of colors and panels which can be designed and installed to achieve numerous styles and individual “looks”.